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We are especially proud of our kitchen and allow each of our guests a peek through our spacious glass front. Experience live, how we perform each step with joy and precision. Cutting, seasoning and flaming. Even our little guests’ eyes grow big.


We great value sustainable and fair fishing. That is why we pay attention to different quality seals of approval in our fish. You may ask yourself; “what do these seals of approval mean?” MSC Certificate certifies that the fish population is in good condition, the marine environment is spared and the management is effective. In total, 28 performance indicators are assigned to these three basic principles. Dolphin Safe Label – This label is used for tagging tuna. The catch takes place under protective measures for dolphins. Friend of the sea – This certification is given to fisheries that meet the strict requirements of the audit. Topics include the maintenance and restoration of fish populations, including adequate fishing methods.


” I´m on a Seafood Diet. I see food and eat it! “

Taverna Korfu’s own chef “Andreas” personally visits the weekly fish markets several times per week, to get fresh fish and seafood for the restaurant.
If you are looking for a special dish, please let us know in advance. Also, have a look at our daily specialties.